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Being a Newborn Photographer in Mount Washington KY for the past few years has allowed me to meet some amazing clients, and the Way family is nothing short of that.  I chatted with Lily’s mom, Kat, back and forth for several weeks about their session.  Kat envisioned soft neutrals and a touch of richness thrown in with a rustic twist.  I later learned they live in a log cabin and instantly understood where her love for rustic touches stemmed from.

Lily was such an awesome sleeper that her gallery was abnormally large with over 70 images, when a typical gallery is in the 25-40 range .  I fully style all of my newborn sessions with everything you’ll see here. I have a studio chock full of every newborn trinket, blanket or prop  imaginable to create beautiful art for your walls.  However,  I can’t take credit for the little white crocheted outfit with the big pink flower on it!  Kat brought it in for the session; one of her friends made that for Lily and wanted to honor her gift by having it photographed while they were here.

The slideshow below is what Lily’s parents actually saw when they viewed her gallery for the first time in my studio.  Kat and her husband, Kyle, were in awe from the moment I hit the play button!  I think you’ll see why, so go ahead… press play.

Are you expecting or know someone that is? I’m now accepting bookings for 2016 and already have some months almost completely full.  Please don’t delay to get on my schedule! I may not be able to fit you in if you wait until your third trimester to book, or worse yet, after the baby is born.  I encourage all pregnant mommies to book as early as their first trimester to guarantee the best availability around your estimated due date.  Book your session here, I’d love to work with your family next!

Jennifer Rittenberry Photography specializes in newborn, baby, family, child and maternity photography in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas including but not limited to Mount Washington.


3 thoughts on “Mount Washington Newborn Photographer | Lily Way Newborn Session |

  1. Wow, over 25 images in a gallery for each newborn session! I am blown away by how many pictures we will receive and how adorable Lily’s Mount Washington newborn portraits are. From posing her little hands to her button nose, every shot captures her perfectly. Knowing you have a studio filled with props is such a lifesaver for mommies and daddies, because we never know what to bring. Can’t wait to book!


  2. I love this slideshow you’ve put together for this Mount Washington, KY Newborn photo shoot. The newborn photography you are presenting in this gallery is so timeless. How special that you were able to present this family with such a large gallery to choose from. I’m sure they will cherish these precious early moments for Lily’s whole life!


  3. That slideshow of this newborn session is just so special and beautiful. I bet this Mount Washington, KY family is just over the moon with this session. You captured this little one perfectly.


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